VIDEO 101 WORKSHOP: Intro to Basic Video Production

A Hands-On Workshop to teach the basics of video to people who want to do their own video blogging and short marketing videos. When the day is finished you will have the ability to produce a short video that displays an understanding of the
basic skills involved in video production for the web. ( facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter, etc..)


What we will cover:
- Plan a short video that engages viewers
- Shoot good quality video using a dslr camera or your own equipment. (ipad, ipad mini, iphone)
- Learn and experiment with audio and lighting
- Discuss ways to make video on a budget without compromising quality


Equipment Supplied:
On site we will have a Mac laptop, DSLR camera, different types of microphones, lighting equipment, and stabilization items for you to try.


If you are intetrested please email 

PODCASTING: How to create your own podcast

This workshop focuses on the basics of podcasting and takes all of the guess work out of getting it right from the Microphone! Join me and learn about the essentials of podcasting. Get all the tools you need to record a successful podcast to help build your brand!


If you are intetrested please email